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About ASL Serviços Marítimos

ASL Serviços Marítimos

ASL arose in 2007 just before the Global Crisis of 2008 offering second to none services. As the Global* Crisis developed, ASL Serviços Maritímos started searching for ways to offer distinctive services at competitive rates as well as being an alternate partner to CUSTOMERS offering much more than any other Ship Agency.

Our strategy is a Win-Win proposal, focused on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in a transparent and personal way, thus on top of not having limits on assisting to our clients necessities, our internal politics highlights the importance to work with ethics and professionalism which will prize the values of COMPANIES, SHAREHOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS.

After the global crisis in 2008, we reinforced our efforts on keeping focus and strategies previously defined which led us to offer new activities aiming to improve even more our market share.

In 2011, ASL became a Shipping Agency and a granted RADAR licensed firm (Special System to act as CONSIGNEE and SHIPPER). In 2012, as result of a aggressive marketing strategy, we successfully provided road / maritime (cabotage and deep water) freight quotation, shipping agency facility and we are in progress to introduce singular products in the Brazilian market aiming to reach main stream status.


"Perform services to Ship Agencies , Ship Owners, Importers and exporters producing generating LOGISTIC SUCCESS with a competitive price, quality, efficiency and readiness with INTEGRITY and aiming CLIENT'S Satisfaction and our team's improvement."


  • Ethics
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Humility


Customer Satisfaction


Our employees are our greatest investment, because without dedication, professional competence, commitment and friendliness with our customers this project would not be achieved. Our very THANK YOU!

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