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About ASL Serviços Marítimos

ASL Serviços Marítimos

ASL arose in 2007 just before the Global Crisis of 2008 offering second to none services. As the Global* Crisis developed, ASL Serviços Maritímos started searching for ways to offer distinctive services at competitive rates as well as being an alternate partner to CUSTOMERS offering much more than any other Ship Agency. more details

Our Services

Our Services

Shipping Agency: Our company provide all support to our client while the arrival, staying and sailing from the port, acting on behalf of Ship Owners attending all local demands as well keeping a close contact with CLIENT and VESSEL about general prospects and requests. see more details of our services

Nova York:
Hong Kong:


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Contact us

Contact us

+55 (13) 3219 . 1103

+55 (13) 3219 . 2304

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Would like to invite customers which visit our web to request on-line quotatio from Customs Broker, Shipbroker and Agency activity.

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Our commitment is to reply your request as quick as possible and attending the expectation of the customer. faça sua cotação

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