ASL Serviços Marítimos

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ASL Serviços Marítimos

Shipping Agency: Our company provide all support to our client while the arrival, staying and sailing from the port, acting on behalf of Ship Owners attending all local demands as well keeping a close contact with CLIENT and VESSEL about general prospects and requests.

ASL count on sub-agents support in the following ports: Rio de Janeiro, Paranaguá, Itajaí, São Francisco and Rio Grande. The agent is the professional who acts on behalf of Ship Owners that keeps a regular scale or spot calls in the Brazilians Ports.

The agent is the important person to act on behalf all necessities for the Vessel to the Authorities resquests, also representing the Ship Owner that keeps a regular scale or eventual in the Brazilians Ports.

Trader (Import and Export) - Licensed company in CUSTOMS systems to be a facility to IMPORT&EXPORT goods. Looking for innovative products to be introduced into Brazilian market, by developing a supported study to evaluate the proper way of trade the goods into the market. On the other hand through our correspondents in China and Europe, ASL search for potential suppliers that attend a demand in those mentioned markets.

ASL keeps a contract with Customs Broker to support us in terms of any legal application.

Cargo Agency - ASL counts on strong companies in the market as partnership aiming to provide the best international freight quotation in the market.

We concentrate our efforts in logistic solutions aligned with environmental protection commitment demanded at the moment by the most of industries. This being said, ASL became specialist in CABOTAGE facility. Through Brazilian coast, this facility brings advantage in cost reduction and ecological aspects to the CUSTOMERS.

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